Weight Management in Watford

Weight Management in Watford.

Weight management n Watford

Weight is a common factor that can affect us at varying points of our life and tends to be associated mostly with emotional eating, an event that happens in our life (trigger) can affect you so deeply that one of the ways to compensate for this is by eating (over-eating).
We have a triggering event that pushes dormant emotions to the surface, so as we become increasingly aware of these unhelpful emotional states we eat to comfort ourselves after which we feel guilty and negative because we know we have applied an unhelpful coping strategy. In therapy it is important to recognise the trigger at the beginning and how this affects your everyday life.
My personal approach with Weight Management are founded in Hypnosis, CBT and NLP. Hypnosis gives a good resourceful state where you can work on the emotional aspect of the issue. CBT explores your cognition or thought process that drives the above mentioned emotions and ultimately the behaviour and looks for alternative more balanced solutions.
NLP instead explores the motivation (reasons) that can and will drive you to understand and change this unhelpful coping strategy and find new ways to move forward therefore clearly defining your goals and what you want more of in a way that gives you coping strategy and techniques that will help to make positive change.

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