Stress & Anxiety Treatment in Watford

Stress & Anxiety Treatment in Watford

Stress and Anxiety Treatment in Watford is something we are approached for help with perhaps more than any other item.

Stress and anxiety  are increasingly common states  we experience in our everyday working and personal life. Stress and the resulting anxiety is a natural reaction to the way we perceive  situations or people as a challenge or threat to ourselves therefore the thoughts about this particular situation or person will affect the way we feel triggering a cascade of strong emotional and  physical reactions to it. 

My definition of stress is where you perceive you have too many demands and not enough resources to cope with these demands.

Stress is a physical way we respond to demands which we perceive as threats or challenges, when we perceive most demands as a danger to us “whether this is real or not” the body’s automatic defence response is to react by a process called Fight-Flight response or more commonly called stress response, it is simply the body’s way to protect you.

Your nervous system responds by realising chemicals in your body such as Adrenaline which is realised in order to produce energy and focus to help you either fight or flight, although this is not enough energy therefore your body starts to release Noradrenaline which will take fat and sugar from your liver in order to build more energy to fight or flight, and the last chemical released in the stress response is Cortisol which acts as a painkiller so that if you get somehow injured or hurt it will help you in coping with the pain. 



Lost your sense of humour

Not interest in life in general


Aggressive, Impatient 






Muscle tension 

Always tired 

Losing interest in sex or not able to enjoy sex 

Panic attacks 

Shallow breathing or Hyperventilation 


Feeling sick or dizzy or even fainting 


Always worry 

Hard to commit to and make decisions 

Not able to focus and maintain concentration 

Snapping at people 

Eating too much or too little

One of the best approaches to help understand and resolve  the stress and anxiety response challenge is the use of techniques such as  Mindfulness Hypnosis and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Mindfulness  is a mental process and set of techniques that helps you to focus on the present moment rather that getting involved or lost  in the past  or future by taking and focusing your conscious attention on purpose, not been analytical about it or judgmental, but mostly be in the present moment. It is reconnecting your mind and body so that we can understand ourselves better. The Mindfulness process works on quieting  and focussing the mind. By doing this you are able then to look at and understand your thinking patterns, in order to find a more balanced way to perceive and respond differently. Responding in a more positive, balance way in what you are experiencing, and we can achieve this with techniques such as mindfulness and  CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

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