Stress & Anxiety Treatment in Watford

Stress treatment in watford

Are you looking for Stress & Anxiety Treatment in Watford?

Stress & anxiety are common states that we all experience at various stages in our life’s, untreated these states can eventually lead you to higher issues such as panic attacks and even items such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorders .

Stress occurs when you experience an awareness of feeling there are too many demands upon you and you feel as though you do not have enough resources to cope with these demands. Therefore you constantly squeeze yourself and when you do so you experience shifts to a more unhelpful thinking style and you tend to notice having a more regretful, negative and unhelpful thought process and constructive decisions tend to be harder to make.

Here is where we can assist you by helping to bring an understanding and comfort in using one of the basic yet more powerful cognitive behavioural techniques the “What, Why and How approach”.

  • What: The solution to start is to help you achieve a profoundly relaxed state by letting go of the unhelpful thoughts and resulting emotions an embracing a more peaceful balanced awareness.
  • Why: Because this is your route to finding and attaching to a far more resourceful, empowered state. Therefore you will find that you can start to view situations and reality in a new way.This is desirable and leads on to having a more helpful thinking style and more supportive decisions.
  • How: We can achieve this simply and easily by using and combined cognitive behavioural and hypnotic approach, because it helps you to attach into this resourceful state.

In understanding the above process you will start to generate “What if ” type of thinking this will help you react to and control the situations that trigger your current anxieties in a compleatkly new way

We can also use different techniques such as NLP that will help you to develop the mentioned resourceful state (perhaps feeling calmer, relaxed, in control, assertive, confident……..). Which we link with processes such Anchoring, Circle of excellence, Swish and so on…………

So if you are looking for Stress & Anxiety Treatment in Watford give us a call today!.

We offer private 1-2-1 therapy sessions and Due to level of demand we have Extended opening hours for 2017 we now offer appointments Monday to Friday between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm as well as Saturday mornings between 10:00 and 16:00

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Patrizia Rosoni

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