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Stop Smoking using our tried and tested highly successful powerful Hypnotherapy sessions in our Watford therapy centre.

Stop smoking hypnosis WatfordCigarettes contain Nicotine which is addictive and has been recognised as a type of drug that stimulates the brain, there’s also the issue of Tar which contains a cocktail of different chemicals which gets deposited into the lungs and can work it’s way into the blood vessels which will likely damage them causing a whole raft of health problems.
Cigarettes is one of the greatest single causes of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, pulmonary disease, sexual problems, premature ageing, fertility issues both for men and woman and even premature death.
Stopping smoking can bring a big difference into people lives and health.

Tobacco was introduced into Europe in the late 15th century, and people have been smoking it recreationally ever since. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that the harmful effects of smoking came to light, and studies continue to expose just how dangerous the habit can be to our health. Today smoking is considered to be the greatest single cause of premature death in the UK.

Despite the abundance of evidence highlighting the health risks of smoking, many people find the habit incredibly hard to break. Often people start smoking out of curiosity, due to peer pressure or simply out of boredom. Having family members who smoke can also increase a person’s chances of picking up the habit. Before long, an addiction can form and this can overwhelm people physically and emotionally.

Quitting this kind of addiction often takes more than willpower alone to accomplish. For many, hypnotherapy for smoking is an effective means of breaking the habit for good. Medication and additional treatments can also help.

Researching the effects of smoking, learning what you’ll gain from quitting and discovering all the different ways to quit is an important first step to breaking the habit.

When you make the decision to stop smoking you already created the conditions and right motivation to start with, it could be that you want to achieve better health, or save all the money you would be spending on your smoking habit, or you are doing this for your children or to even start a family, etc………( everybody has their own direction).
Stop smoking can be achieved from a combination of therapy and the use of medications such as patches, electronic cigarettes, etc……..
In therapy the use of Hypnosis has an incredible impact because it gives you a good resourceful state to work with, and as well as NLP and NLP techniques that helps to move you from a present state into a desire state. Another powerful approach is CBT which instead helps to understand our issue, how this affects you and those unhelpful coping strategy at the present time that you have put in place and equally it gives you alternative ways into find more balanced positive solutions that helps you to moving forward.

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Our sessions are on average 60 minutes in length and charged at £65.00, I offer a half hour free of charge initial assessment if you feel you would like to meet and discuss the processes in person before committing to a course of treatment.

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Patrizia Rosoni

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