Sleeping Issues Treatment Watford

How We Use Hypnosis To Improve your Sleeping Issues.

Sleeping Issues Treatment Watford

Sleeping Issues Treatment Watford.

In our Watford therapy centre one of the items we are approached for help with Increasingly today is Hypnosis To Improve your Sleep. A large proportion of us experience sleeping issues You may find hard to fall asleep at night, or perhaps you keep waking up in the middle of the night and find it difficult, if not impossible, to go back to sleep.
In time this can have an effect on your moods/emotions and energy level that will have an impact on your relationship and social life in general.
There are different reasons and factors why we can experience sleeping issues, one can be related to stress and anxiety (you having thoughts running through your mind and worries about particular problems in your life such as work, money’s, family, relationship, etc…….)
Depression is one of the cause of sleeping issues, and drugs like antidepressants can have this sort of side effects, alcohol too and even the amount of caffeine or nicotine can be a factor.
Breathing exercise is a good technique to use, as you learn to breathe in slowly and then breathe out slowly can help to feel little bit more relax as your mind focus on the breathing.
Hypnosis is a great way to achieve relaxation, helps to calm your mind where you can learn how to let go of unhelpful thoughts and embracing a more peaceful state where you can start to generate more positives.
CBT helps to recognise and change these unhelpful thoughts around sleep.
NLP can give you coping strategies that will help you change your pattern of thinking and behaviour into a more positive ones in order to achieve what you want which is a better night sleep.

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Our sessions are on average 60 minutes in length and charged at £65.00, I offer a half hour free of charge initial assessment if you feel you would like to meet and discuss the processes in person before committing to a course of treatment.

I look forward to working with you and work through your Sleeping Issues Treatment Watford

Patrizia Rosoni