Regression Therapy

Regression TherapyRegression Therapy is an approach that particularly focus on resolving relevant past events that interfere with our present emotional and mental states. Regression therapy helps us to rediscover the details and our beliefs formed from past events in order to help resolve current conflicts.

Hypnosis is an intuitive process that will emphasis and help to access those buried memories which are stored into our subconscious

Within each of us we hold two levels of awareness. the first being the conscious level or the conscious mind, this is represented by all the thoughts (both helpful and unhelpful) that we are aware of right now (your logical side), whereas the second level of awareness is our subconscious level which stores and holds all of our past experiences with many if not all of the details that may be missing at the conscious level.  The subconscious level holds your memories, images, emotions and feelings ( that when we  become aware of in certain cases can hold you back in your future).

Hypnosis is a process that not only helps you to quieten the conscious level of your mind, so you can feel more calm and relaxed. Therefore providing you with more of the  resources and encouragement to generate positive states. But in this particular circumstance it guides you to enter a trance state thus accessing your subconscious level in order to recall these past events and memories including the associated feelings of it that you may noy be available at the conscious level.

We all experience everyday life, which is a natural unfolding of reality, and we all have the tendency to collect some good experiences but mostly the unpleasant painful or embarrassing moments that we struggle to cope with  at the time when it first happened. Our natural response to it is to push down all of these uncomfortable and negative  events into our storage room which is the subconscious. Some of those experience can be truly traumatic ones but most of those memories are not.

Hypnosis is a unique and powerful technique that leads you through to a trance state, which opens the door to the unconscious mind, this aids in identifying the conflicts and associated pain and helps pinpoint the true issue that is holding you back and still affects you in the present (both mentally and emotionally) which dictates all of those unhelpful reactions.

Once’s this understanding is brought back to the conscious level it brings with it a better understanding to the way you have been feeling and reacting in situations and to certain people in your life.

I think this is only one part of the healing process as afterwards the therapy sessions will move into the second phase, which is exploring and working with the world of CBT  This approach works at your conscious level and takes the unhelpful thoughts left from the past and assists us in understand and changing them resulting in a more balanced way to perceive and react in the present moment. All of what we have outlined above serves as a great process and learning curve for the future in order to lead a more healthier, happy, fulfilled life with a sense of true congruency.

I hope the above is of help if you have any questions how out Regression Therapy can help you  please feel free to call me on 07980208685. to arrange a 30 minutes free of charge initial assessment