Panic Attacks

 Panic Attacks …All you need to know about them and how we work to resolve their effect.

Panic attack treatmentsStress is a well known and common state that appears in different ways and at different stages of our life, if you are exposed for a long length (chronic exposure) of time can lead to anxiety and into even full blown Panic Attacks.

Stress is simply a reaction that we experience from a situation that make us feel uncomfortable or where we perceive there are too many demands for the resources that we are aware of to cope with.
Panic Attacks are an overwhelming feeling of dread, fear and worryand can shows as signs of sweating, breathing  increase, dry mouth, heart rate increase, feelings sick, feeling dizzy or even faint etc….
In the state of Panic we also release Adrenaline ( I am referring to the flight and fight response which is a natural response when we are presented with what is for us is perceived as a danger and threat) this chemical (adrenaline) together with noradrenaline and cortisol get released into the system to helppanic attack treatment in hertfordshire. us fight or run away from this danger.
Focusing on breathing is very important it helps you to slow down, so focusing on slow deep breathing tends to help as together with Hypnosis that encourage to find a relax state and our resourceful state in ways that can help find more appropriate, helpful and peaceful decision and choices.
CBT is another technique that looks at our thinking and on our processes that can trigger and fuel our feelings into signs of physical reaction (panic attacks) and ultimately the way we behave.
What CBT does is identify this harmful and unhelpful thinking pattern and aim to change and reach a more positive helpful and balanced solution to cope with these situations.

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Patrizia Rosoni