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NLP  – Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP practitioner in WatfordNLP stands for Neuro linguistic programming. Neuro is how we think, linguistic is how we communicate and programming it looks at pattern of thinking and behaviour that we hold.

In effect NLP runs a series of techniques and approaches to help people to change their patterns of behaviour and communication in a way where we can get more of what we want rather that what we don’t want.The processes and techniques help to improve communication in order to get what we want, for example if you think That there is somebody out there that have the skills and achieve certain things that we would like to learn and have as our own too so how we can possibly experience and embrace this? By simply building rapport with the other person therefore we have what in NLP is called model/modelling .

Is interesting how powerful are words that we use to express ourselves and of course to have this words and the way we communicate can affect and change the experience, Nlp helps to change the behaviour and beliefs because by changing the beliefs we can act in a different way In order to achieve what we want more of in life . Those beliefs that holds as back which we tent to called them “fact and true” in reality there only “opinion” most times they are not matching reality, is powerful to think that the beliefs that we have can determinate. Whether we can or cannot achieve our goals in life.

NLP techniques guide you into a more balanced way to look at the experience and the external events that we perceive, by changing those unhelpful beliefs we can change the behaviour which will produce a different experience.

” if you always think and act in the same ways you will always have the same outcome only when you start to think and view and ultimately act in a different way then you will get a different result.”

This is a small part of what NLP hold there are many tools and techniques that we can use such Part Integration , anchoring, circle of excellence, they all contributing on how to support and helps you to achieve your goals.

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A Little about me.

I am one of the therapists  here at the Watford & District Hypnotherapy Centre and our centre is one of the longest establish Hypnotherapy practices in Hertfordshire and I feel very proud to be part of it. Uniquely we have male and female therapists available 6 days a week to help identify the path to bringing the balance to your life you are looking for.

So if you are looking for NLP in Watford I very much look forward to working with you.

Patrizia Rosoni