Life Coaching

life coaching in WatfordLife coaching works with the client to  help them achieve goals, step goal and for strategies to  overcome problems and make changes in their life whether on a personal or a professional level.

Our Life coaching sessions in Watford include guidance which identifies ways and solutions to support the client, opening up options and focusing the mindset to a different prospective in order to achieve specific goals.

The process also empowers the clients self-awareness and focus on the actual realisation of their own self-worth and self-belief in their capabilities to reach the goals that they aim to work towards.

Finally the changes and improvements where the client will then start to perceive small changes from where they were before to where they got to now and recognise and embrace it.

Life coaching helps to identify limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking patterns that tend to stop and create challenges or stick points for the client, therefore if we look at  different solutions the client then can start to move towards their specific goals in a positive way.

If we were to breakdown this process into stages it begins by looking and creating a more defined perception on what the client truly wants in life so the life coach can guide and help clients to create a more productive and specific goal set bespoke to their needs. This is supported by looking at self-beliefs and confidence which in many cases can be a major obstacle that can stop the client in achieving what they want in their life.

Finally we put those plans and strategies into action so that you can start to be aware of yourself making those step achievements which ultimately will develop confidence in yourself and your capabilities.

Areas that Life coaching can include :

Professional coaching here we can focus on strategies to help improve life at work, be more proactive in your line of work, or even start a vision of a new business that you would like to embark on. It is equally vital to find the right balance between work and personal life and maintain this.

Personal Relationship coaching such as family or romantic in this case building trust and confidence perhaps in a new relationship or even maintaining and improve your existing one.

We also offer Personal Coaching  where you can explore and develop your full potential using the skills and knowledge that you have or you want attain but are not able to do so  because you currently perceive yourself not ready or developed enough to go ahead, so you begin to procrastinate to avoid achieving your goals.

Our Life coaching also covers performance or promote simply put we help you to improve your skills so that you will find it easier and more natural to see yourself as ready to make those changes and to keep them in place by adopting a different mindset and aware of the techniques and processes to achieve this.

A combination of Hypnosis, NLP and CBT can certainly encompass all of the above in a user friendly, fun environment. 

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