Grief Treatment In Watford

Grief Treatment In Watford

Grief Treatment In Watford

We are one of Watford’s longest established treatment centres, offering Grief Treatment in Watford since 2005.

Grief is a natural response to loss, and it can certainly be quiet challenging for us as we experience this. Grief is an emotional pain you feel when something or somebody has been taken away from you, you can experience all sort of emotions which can be very difficult to cope with,

everybody is different and unique, and you must remember that there is no standard response to loss, as there is no standard loss in life.

The grief that you experience can affect not just your emotions but your body and mind (thoughts) too. You can grieve about a death of somebody you love whether is family or friends, losing a job, losing health, relationship breakup and so on……..

There are stages of grief that we all experience: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance (true acceptance or acceptance with conditions).

Emotionally you can go through Shock and Disbeliefs, Sadness, Guilt, Anger, Fear, and there is not right or wrong way to process this also there isn’t a particular order to experience all of those stages because everyone is unique.

Looking at the physiology you may experience for example Tiredness, Weight loss or gain, Aches and Pain, Low Immunity.

As I just mention above there not right or wrong way to grieve people grieve in different and unique ways and it take time, there isn’t a timetable for this, and you can’t be Grief treatment in hertfordshireforced or hurried. My experience working with grief would show that people sometimes actually can loop through the  grieving process for years, research shows that trying to ignore the pain will maintain or perhaps even make it worse and take longer for you to heal, however if you embrace and accept the way you feel and equally express those feeling on the outside can help you and others.

Intentions of others such has friends and family  maybe to outline how they grieve however as this is a very unique experience only you can grieve the way you need to grieve therefore accepting yourself and try not to let anyone tell you how to feel and what to do ( how to grieve ),  equally is helpful to consider how building a plan can help you more to cope with certain triggers  where you know things such as anniversary, birthdays, etc…. can reawaken those sad feelings.

Is important to remember that your mind and body are connected so if you look after your body well your mind will be able to cope better and vice versa so if looking after your mind with a daily self-care routine your body will become more resilient to those unwanted emotional triggers.

A combination of Hypnosis, CBT and NLP can help you with creating a new direction and building a plan, set goals in order for you to move forward and be again your true happy self.