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Eating disorder treatment watford

Eating Disorders and its relationship with Food has an important role in our daily life,Food has an important role in our daily life, Sometimes we like to focus on eating healthy, sometimes we experience cravings, sometimes we eat too much or too little or we lose appetite and so the relationship that we have with food keeps changing through time.

Stress plays an important role in the relationship that we hold with food and ourselves. All of the daily life events mentioned can effect the way we interact with our food and the way in which we use and consume it. Our daily stress bundle plays a major role in this interaction.
Being aware of and changing eating habits once’s in a while is normal but when this occurs for an extend period of time or on a regular basis it becomes a problem.
There are a growing number of recognised eating disorders acknowledged nowadays, perhaps the most common ones being anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.
Often the start or cause of the eating problem can be related back to a stressful or traumatic event in our life. For example abuse, be that emotion or physical, physical changes in our bodies such as puberty, emotional disturbances such as divorce of parents or your own divorce and even such items as a lack of support from parents or guardians, lack of sportive friends can all lead in to seemingly helpful eating pattern changes which can on the surface are OK but for a longer exposure to these changes can leave you unable to find your way back out.
Social and culture pressure sends a message about your body and how it should look and how it should be shaped which is not helpful, expose to images from magazines or TV and films can put a great pressure on us to conform and ultimately making us feel inadequate, and that we are not good enough if we can not achieve this idealistic weight and shape.
You can get help and support perhaps a good starting point would be in a honest and open talk to your Parents or guardians, you can reach your doctor, and therapy has much to offer too.
Therapy has a great impact for moving toward changing these unhelpful coping strategies that are in place. CBT helps you understand how your thoughts and feelings affect and guide your behaviour and actions and works to challenge these thoughts and works on strategies and processes to change these into a more balanced outlook. NLP has many techniques that can help to keep building over time more of a desire state and positive mindset. Hypnosis will give you a wonderful resourceful state as the mind learns to become more peaceful and thus the body will slow too giving access to different feelings helping to generate different results. when your mind is quieter you can start to be aware and accepting your new thoughts and feelings and the way your body feels giving yourself enough space to respond in a different ways.

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