Confidence and Self-Esteem Treatment in Watford

Confidence and Self-Esteem Treatment in WatfordAre you looking for confidence and self-esteem treatment in Watford?

We all experience at various points in our life’s a lack of confidence and not feeling good about ourselves.

Self-esteem in general terms is simply the way how we perceive ourselves and what kind of thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves and the world in general.

If you have a good healthy self-esteem we feel positive about life in general, however if our self esteem is low we tend to see ourselves and our life in a negative, difficult and critical way.

Low self-esteem begins in our formative years and is related to all the relationship that we have with other people around us and with the external world, such as our parents, teachers, friends, siblings both positive and negative.

Therefore if we allow ourselves to perceive that we are not good enough this can have a long lasting perhaps even a lifelong negative effect.

If you experience high level of stress in your daily life it can be negative, for example being bullied, or experience prejudice and discrimination, ongoing stress or long term stress, problems at work, loss of a job, loss of somebody that we love can have a negative effect in our self-esteem, relationship issues for example a separation or divorce, body image and worry in general about your appearance, money problems and so on………

 Through a combination of our bespoke therapeutic approaches we can work to balance and restore your confidence and self-esteem.  You can start to build a new direction in order to move forward and to  feel empowered, we can initially explore this new healthy direction by getting to  know your core values and learn what are  the items and situations that motivate you in which you can grow and thrive.

Learning the skill of true acceptance (no conditions) and to not judge yourself for having these unwanted thoughts and emotions, instead allowing yourself to experience and work with the wide range of emotions at the same time  know how to be more kind and balanced to yourself and far less critical.

With Hypnosis I can help you to reach a calm peaceful and quite inner state where you can start to generate more positive thoughts and emotions.

CBTcan help to understand the unhelpful thoughts that you are experiencing and challenge these by finding a more realistic and balanced way to look, feel and ultimately react in situations or with people in the best possible way. Again learn to be  kind to yourself and be more positive with your self-talk. Simple things such as not discounting positives but embrace and accept them for example, compliments from others or even  recognise your little success all work towards building the confidence and self-esteem in your life.

NLPcan help to set specific good strong goals to achieve in your own time frame.


Please feel free to contact me on 07980 208 685.

Our sessions are on average 60 minutes in length and charged at £65.00, I offer a half hour free of charge initial assessment if you feel you would like to meet and discuss the processes in person before committing to a course of treatment.

I look forward to working with you to help build your confidence and self esteem.

Patrizia Rosoni