CBT In Watford

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,

This is a psychological approach that works at the cognitive level (thoughts you are aware of) so in other words it is our thoughts that drives our behaviour. If you are looking for CBT in Watford we are here to help.

cbt therapists in watfordOne of the main ways CBT works is to first help you to understand the issue and  to bring clarity to it,

A+B=C   A is activating event, B is your current beliefs, C is the consequence

As a mentioned above CBT encourages and helps us to understand the problem so how does the CBT process works?

So taking the same A we work to change your beliefs so as to experience a different consequence to outcome….A+b= c

Starting from our beliefs (thought) these have an effect on our moods(emotions) also presenting with a physical reaction (ex: for example the symptom could be anxiety) and ultimately result in our behaviours finally producing a result or outcome.

All of these areas of thinking and behaviour are interconnected therefore if we start to work to understand our current beliefs and develop flexibility in these  they can lead you to a complete change that will give you new resourceful solutions with different outcome.

We cannot change the situation it will always occur but if we add a different beliefs then will result in a different consequence or outcome, simply we cannot change what happened but if we change the way we view it and think about it we can change the way we feel about it follow by changing the behaviour then this will lead into a different outcome.

CBT in Watford

CBT looks at the thoughts and beliefs that drives the behaviours and actions so that we start to look at the situation from different sides negative and positive and this will lead to new conclusions and solutions.

One of CBT techniques is the Court Case Scenario, the purpose of this approach is to view all the irrational thoughts or beliefs and the moods by challenging those unhelpful thinking in order to give new understanding and available choices and alternatives that they are more adequate and balanced, therefore by considering where the evidence are to support and not to support this beliefs until we can reach a more balance helpful thinking.

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A Little about me.

I am one of the therapists  here at the Watford & District Hypnotherapy Centre and our centre is one of the longest establish Hypnotherapy practices in Hertfordshire and I feel very proud to be part of it. Uniquely we have male and female therapists available 6 days a week to help identify the path to bringing the balance to your life you are looking for.

So if you are looking for CBT in Watford I very much look forward to working with you.

Patrizia Rosoni