Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders Treatment in Watford Food has an important role in our daily life, Sometimes we like to focus on eating healthy, sometimes we experience cravings, sometimes we eat too much or too little or we lose appetite and so the relationship that we have with food keeps changing through time. Stress plays an important […]

Sleeping Issues.

Hypnosis To Improve your Sleep. One of the items we are approached for help with Increasingly today is Hypnosis To Improve your Sleep. A large proportion of us experience sleeping issues, you may find hard to fall asleep at night, or perhaps you keep waking up in the middle of the night and find it difficult, if […]

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking using our tried and tested highly successful powerful Hypnotherapy sessions in our Watford therapy centre. Cigarettes contain Nicotine which is addictive and has been recognised as a type of drug that stimulates the brain, there’s also the issue of Tar which contains a cocktail of different chemicals which gets deposited into the lungs […]

Weight Management In Watford.

Weight Management in Watford. Weight is a common factor that can affect us at varying points of our life and tends to be associated mostly with emotional eating, an event that happens in our life (trigger) can affect you so deeply that one of the ways to compensate for this is by eating (over-eating). We […]

Stress & Anxiety Treatment in Watford

Are you looking for Stress & Anxiety Treatment in Watford? Stress & anxiety are common states that we all experience at various stages in our life’s, untreated these states can eventually lead you to higher issues such as panic attacks and even items such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorders . Stress occurs when you experience an awareness of feeling there […]